(Yes, life is a journey.)

i dreamed I sailed the seven seas
rough winds and waves so tempest tossed
enthused by yonder mysteries
no straits no gulfs I have not crossed

the sun and stars to guide me by
in search of some horizons lost
no mermaid song could make me sigh
no gale and hail could whip me most

the Golden Fleece I would not seek
no pirates’ treasures I would hunt
exotic lands and folks so meek
are prized rewards no loot could grant

the voyage that in dream I see
evokes to mind a thought so grand
in transience here on land and sea
i journey on to Great Beyond.

here and there
is passage.

there and yonder
is voyage.

yonder and Beyond
is homage.

(c) 2001 Chito L. Aguilar


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