Man Fails, Earth Ails

(Man’s silliness begets earth’s illness.)

the green of earth, by the greed of man, grazed
reed of grass, rid by man from soil’s grid, razed

no trees that stir, no breeze on fir that steers
no breed of bird, no deer or bear appears

filth at river, silt at sea, sewer slime
fishes float, dead of grime, behold man’s crime

thin air, thick smog, ozone-layer-reduce
beware: danger zone! Man has lit the fuse…

lest man greet the future with grit resolved
no feet shall walk desert planet, absolved!

– global warming*
is between
local warning and total burning.

– mother earth’s tomorrow
lies between
 yesterday and today.

(c) 2007 Chito L. Aguilar

* We release 70 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every single day; There is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere now than in 650,000 years; Year 2000 was the hottest year on record, but it rained in Antarctica that year;  Mumbai, India had 37 inches of rain in one day; In 2004, for the first time in recorded history, there was a hurricane in the south Atlantic;  Within the decade, there will be no more glaciers in Glacier National Park; Polar bears are drowning. “The climate crisis can be solved.”

– The Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore


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