ever wonder why butterfly has wings?
take time to ponder lesson of nature
cocooned for a time, caterpillar clings
eagerly, it changes to new creature

transforming itself into butterfly
eventually breaking loose, flies so free
realize we must: unless some things die
a new life or freedom, we may not see.

caterpillar and butterfly
is transformation.

vestiges of past and vestibules of future
is reformation.)

– between
lower supposition+ and higher postulation*
is modification
(of the ‘theory of formation’ of the universe).

(c) 2007 Chito L. Aguilar

+ The Big Bang Theory supposes that the entire universe started from a small particle which exploded in a big bang, expanding in all directions, creating all the celestial bodies.

* “…we need to rethink our place in the universe — in fact, we need to rethink the universe itself.  In the ekpyrotic view of reality, everything that astronomers have ever observed is just a speck within the higher dimensions, and all of history since the Big Bang is but an instant in the infinity of time. This view of creation is far grander than the universe of traditional cosmology or the universe of the Bible.”

– David Spergel, Princeton astrophysicist, member, WMAP satellite research team


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