The Nature of Nature

(Mild and Wild: Haikus on Nature’s Duality)

where the river flows
cracks and rocks immobile rest
yet, moss never grows
pebble cast on pool –
water circles ripple wide
like target (bulls-eye!)
cotton clouds sail with
the fiery boat of the sky
high above deep sea
the land and sea: calm
the air, deceptively still –
lull before the storm
whirling winds whiplash-
swirling waters, swelling floods –
havoc, Reming* wreaks
orphans and widows
weep like willows in Bicol’s
worst calamity!

– in a haiku, one 7-syllable line
is between two 5-syllable lines.

(c) 2006 Chito L. Aguilar
* On November 30, 2006, Supertyphoon Reming (packing winds 280-310 kph with destructive flash floods) walloped the Bicol Region, Philippines, inflicting unprecedented damage to lives, crops, properties and utilities. It was the worst natural disaster ever to hit the region.  The massive devastation took heavy toll; relief and rehabilitation took months.

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