A Summer Tryst

(4-B Stags Pearl Anniversary,
Legazpi City, April 2004)

thirty-years so swift
in fleeting Time’s drift
by the seasons’ drip
and life’s sturdy grip

three decades: passage
from youth’s glazing glades
to grey’s shifting shades

in the middle(!) of lives
amid meddle(?) of wives
and the muddle(!?) of dives


with our weathered stag horns
untangled from meshed thorns
un-entwined in sweaty morns
(with lovers) and callous corns

we tryst together this hot summer
in pearly jubilee; we shimmer
and bask in the springs of home
in celebration, we come

back to our roots.

– between
bounce-of-youth and trounce-of-old age
is pounce-of-midlife.

(c) 2004 Chito L. Aguilar


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