“I grow lean
in loneliness
like a water lily
gnawed by a beetle.”

– Kaccipettu Nannakaiyar, (3rd century), Indian poet


“Love runs deep like a tunnel of the pendulum beat
That touches the heart in many directions
Moving the mind in silent reflections of the lines
That touch the corners and fibers of the feeling
That keeps running inside you.”

– fr. lyrics of Love Lines, Angles and Rhymes, Fifth Dimension


(Attraction is affliction if desire is racing.
Affliction is addiction if the fire is razing.)

eyes drowsy from saddest dream I awake
troubled sleep broken by a sudden shake
cursing darkness I rise from inert bed
entranced, I feel a throbbing in my head

the brandy on my tongue, an aftertaste
embossed upon my mind: you left in haste
regrets that seep in me, I can’t avoid
afflicted by your flight, I’m in a void.

– affliction
is between
attraction and addiction.

(c) 2004 Chito L. Aguilar


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