Futile Feud

(Pointless Points)

this woman, to the altar he took
this man, unto her bosom she laid
she does the chores and is a fine cook
he works for wages so bills are paid

his better half may be half bitter
she says he’s remiss as her partner
her bitter half may be half better
he says she’s shoddy as his partner

if he may err it’s not by her flaw
she is a bore but not of his fault
if she may nag it’s not by his flaw
he is a wimp but not of her fault

so is the tale so common today
of couples tangled in futile feud
so much passion is wasted away
in useless squabble never for good.

(marriage is a ship. You board and discover
holes in the hull. You find leaks and cracks.
then you get tired and mired, bored on board
frantically trying to plug the holes
to stop the leaks and creaks.

either you find a life-vest and abandon ship,
or find bliss, if you manage to control flooding
to keep the ship afloat.)

– marriage is between float and sink.

(c) 2004 Chito L. Aguilar


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