Iniquity and Inequity, Twins

“All inequality that has no special utility to justify it is injustice.”
– Jeremy Bentham (1748 – 1832), British philosopher, economist, jurist

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929 -1968), U.S. civil rights leader



(They say these twins were begotten by sins.
By sins of Man? By the Vile Prince? When since?
Since the dawn of history, lords and kings,
subjects and objects, or beings and things,
to these twins lay hostage; ah, what wastage!
What alarms is: these twins get worse with age!)

(Oh, prophets and seers, masters and gurus of all ages
You have fought the wicked and the crooked on all front
You have taught values and virtues to peoples on stages
And yet, to this day and age, these same twins, we confront!)

iniquity and inequity,
twins identical they are;
bane of sane man they are,
pests of olden and modern times.

brothers eternal they are;
timeless as the wind, ageless as fire
and real as blood flowing in our veins.
with mankind ever since, they are;
haunting man from time immemorial.

war is the face of iniquity,
ugly and horrible.
crime is the arm of iniquity,
embracing evil and wicked.
vice is the leg of iniquity,
striding impious and calamitous.

injustice is the work of inequity,
as the “scales-of-equality” are imbalanced.
bigotry is the habit of inequity,
for chauvinism scatters everywhere.
prejudice is the appetite of inequity,
with litters of trash biases splattered
from the garbage bin of destitution.

iniquity and inequity
spare no country or county,
no people or tribe,
no rich or poor,
no young or old.

perhaps man will never be free
from the scourge of these twins:
iniquity and inequity –

brothers from antiquity.


(ah, Lady Justice are you fair?
 what is your blindfold’s real fare?
some innocents, in jail languish;
diffidents, in squalor anguish.

your scale does tip uncertain fate:
unbalanced dip must calibrate!
children hunger, women battered;
culprits linger, yet unfettered.

your gown and cord in mute accord:
say no word with your two-edged sword.
oh Lady where do you reside,
when vile offenders do preside?)

– between
iniquity and inequity
is humanity.

(c) 2002 Chito L. Aguilar


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