Marie’s Tale

(for Ms. Marilou B.)

Ah, marriage is never meant
For husbands who ever can’t
Resist the lure of a fling
Or defy allure of swing.

Twelve years of my life I spent
With a man who came and went
In and out my door he goes
Then and there he gave me woes

He left me for another
Woman; they never bother
About the mute pain they brought
To me; as I fought for naught

Two daughters he sired by me
Now remain with me to be
My strength and real angels
For them I take the cudgels

Then I face the odds and ends
And trek along forlorn bends
But now, stronger I became
As I play Life’s complex game

Yet, I know one day I’ll find
A man who is more than kind
Who will love me through and true
One who’ll never make me blue.

© 2010 Chito L. Aguilar


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