(Greenwich Meridian, Greenwich, England, July 1987)

the line that divides
what is seen or unseen;
the demarcation between east and west.

imaginary or arbitrary
as line that wedges between edges;
as border between countries and counties.

indiscernible or distinguishable
as line dividing the globe into time zones;
splitting sphere into hemispheres;
atmosphere into ionosphere and stratosphere.

line invisible becoming visible
as imaging of images
unfolds into shades and shapes.

imperceptible and intangible
as line between depth and breadth;
between sanity and insanity;
between love and hate.

substantial or insubstantial,
as the line between
life and death.

– between
something and anything
 is a line.

(c) 1987 Chito L. Aguilar


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