My Sonnet

(Inspired by Inverness Landscape, Scotland, 1987)

leaves in the wind soar like notes of a song
riding the crest they fly in smooth rhythm
to fields of green yonder where they belong
they glide like bees in melodic anthem

a floating leaf is poetry in motion –
classic rhythm and rhyme assuage the mind
words that caress do touch the emotion
timeless lines do lighten the daily grind

let it be told it’s writing I love, too
vigor and verve I can feel when I write
crafting verses ever earnest and true
i ponder at length my cause to pen right:

if by my words and verses I can teach
then gain I reap is beyond riches’ reach.

aspiration and realization
is perception.

intention and actualization
is recognition.)

– revelation is between perception and recognition.

(c) 1987 Chito L. Aguilar

* A sonnet is a poetic  form (iambic pentameter) with 14 lines; each line has 10 syllables.  The first 12 lines follow the rhyme scheme ‘a-b-a-b’ , ‘c-d-c-d’, ‘e-f-e-f’  and the last 2 lines have the rhyme scheme ‘g-g’.


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