Confessions of a Doormat

(The Relativity of Humility and Dignity)

i lie in meek silence on the floor
i lay inert by the callous door
i, naked, so bare: for barefoot souls
and shielded soles.

i humbly cleanse filth and floes
from soiled shoes and grimy toes
when into the door each foot goes.

i wait in timid stillness
the creak of door as it opens mornings
and stay awake till it closes nights
leaving me in chilly shadows.

i endure in docile tranquility
the crushing yoke of gravity
(with the weight of men arduous
the burden of women callous
and the load of children tedious).

still, I remain proud
that to my job I am true;
and fulfilled too, that by me,
those who enter the door
do so, with clean feet.

– a doormat
is between
dirty and clean.

(c) 2002 Chito L. Aguilar


9 thoughts on “Confessions of a Doormat

    • Thanks for the appreciation, Esther.

      Yes, the doormat has dignity (and pride) too. perhaps
      because it places value or premium to his work (function)
      which nobody else can do as effectively as it can.
      There goes the tug-o-war between humility and dignity…

  1. Hi Chito.. no need to post this, but I could not find an email here. Would you mind if I used this poem as part of a poem prompt. I will post on my private fbook group and on my wordpress blog poetart and credit and link your work of course. All best, Esther

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