Orgullo Kan Bikol

(OK Bikol; What We Make in Bicol)

we make fine abaca products
beautiful handicrafts
our ceramic jars and houseware
treasures precious and rare

our furniture and furnishing
lighten daily living
christmas and holiday décor
delight you more and more

our baskets, rugs and mats today
top sellers of the day
lasa brooms and cotton handloom
clean, brighten every room

novelties, bags and fashion wear
more than your heart can bear
filigrees of silver and gold
date back to days of old

our pinangat plus our dried fish
taste like no other dish
sweet pineapple, coffee, pili
hot as Bicol sili

these and more, are what we have now
these and more, buyers wow
these delights beckon, ever more
come to Bicol, find more.

(c) 2007 Chito L. Aguilar

* “Pride of Bicol”.  The Bicol Region, Philippines is home to various fine handicrafts and superb, ethnic food. Our entrepreneurs produce distinct products from diverse indigenous raw materials, unique skills and inherent creativity for the domestic and export markets.


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