Toys Loosen, Belts Tighten

“Glass balls and glowing lights.
Dead tree in living room.
Killed to honor birth.”

– Ron Loeffler


(December 25, Christmas Day)

the chilly breeze
tussles tinsels and tassels
lanterns and wind chimes
jingle and jangle

carolers clink and clank
firecrackers bang and pang
cell phones beep and bleep
kids clatter and clutter

lights blink on blank stares
of street brood craving food
masses hear masses
(media noche for noche buena)

toys unwind
their springs loosen
on every turn


our belts tighten
with every card sent
and every peso spent.

– between
commercial and spiritual
is Christmas.

(c) 2002 Chito L. Aguilar


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