Traffic/ Metro Rail Transit

“Rush hour: that hour when traffic
is almost at a standstill.”

-.J.C. Morton (1893 – 1979)
British Policeman

(The most abused excuse is traffic.
The most excused abuse is archaic.)

everything in linear blur —
transients strain in train of confusion;
the line is long, a queue unending,
endless as the universe’s infinite reach.

trapped like a belt of asteroids
between two orbiting planets are
roadrunners stressed and distressed…

ah, this awful traffic jam!


“Naririnig ko ang MRT pag Linggo
Parang rosario na may pera
Kahit di magtrabaho.”

– Bob Peralta, Bicolano Poet

( my translation / interpretation: )
the rumble of round iron on steel rail I hear –
rosary beads, recited mantras: Sunday’s here.
roll of metal wheels needs no roll of paper bills;
the coil of their springs in toil of turmoil: no frills.

– between
metal wheels and paper bills
is politics.

(c) 2005 Chito L. Aguilar


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