The Wonder of Seeing, The Essence of Being


(We see what we seek not
and seek what we see not.)

(The seeing eye is unlike the hearing ear.
For while the eye sees, it may but see fancy,
Yet, sound, though unseen, a good ear can hear.
If we on eye rely, perception may be hazy.)

(The eye and ear must fully complement.
What is lightning sans the sound of thunder?
What is thunder sans the sight of lightning?)

a firefly floats freely
on tall treetop, flies away
gone too soon.

silky smoke silently rises from
a glowing ember, curls upward
then disappears in the air.

a bloated bubble bursts
when a gust of wind blows it
instantly to nothingness.

a shooting star streaks suddenly
across the boundless heavens
in a split second, gone forever.

(so rare is the wonder of seeing
and so scarce is the joy to behold
for what is the essence of being
but to see without having to hold.)

– between
seeing and holding
is being.

(c) 2003 Chito L. Aguilar


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