Mortality!: Will Steward*

"Where does it end?" Photo* by Will Steward













(Oh Death, oh Death
You make soles even
You take souls even)

death, o pure contradiction of Life
you are the destiny of all strife
your claws patiently await your prey
to grip them in the end as they pray

death, o harbinger ever so proud
abrupt you come in mysterious shroud
cloak from whose wrap no one can escape
to swathe all souls when they reach the gate

death, o harvester of all mortal
your scythe must reap and rip at portal
reaper of souls and ripper of might
stiller of breath and stealer of light

death, o equalizer of all men
behold your work: so pale so ashen
this mortal body has now become
lifeless as it waits for “kingdom come”.

– between
mortality and immortality
is Death.

– (c) 2001 Chito L. Aguilar! (Will Steward)

*Will Steward‘s stunning photography, “Where Does It End?”, to my mind, is a striking visual representation of the ultimate mystery, the Great Beyond; between Mortality and Immortality. (Photo used with permission by Will Steward.)


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