The Riddle of Nowhere

(In the middle of nowhere is a riddle.)

enigmatic eyes stare-gaze upon
the fading rays of a failing sun
crimson-colored hilltops painted such
evening dews craving respite so much.

trepid as the shadows by their mimes
enchanted longings for chanted chimes
real or imagined, someone somewhere
agape, mock my lonely plight nowhere.

A Riddle from Nowhere

between navel and knee it dwells
though not exposed by underwear
it is always shown in Thailand
but in Vatican it’s not seen.

between girls and women it remains
by middle of hands, may be hidden
it makes mate elongate by mandate
and it starts here, ends in wonderland.

it brings her-and-me together
but sets husband and wife apart
it makes philandering, not fidelity
but without it, there is no understanding.

what is it?

– between riddle and answer isand”.

(c) 2004 Chito L. Aguilar


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