Learning is Earning

Cranfield University, England

(Cranfield University*,
Bedfordshire, England, July 1987)

lush English countryside –
serene setting of idyllic beauty;
i am charmed…
rustic and bucolic,
rural and pastoral.

from volcanic sands of Mt. Mayon
to pomp and heraldry of London
to cool Cranfield I move on.

i travel
on quest for new learning.

i return
with chest of fresh earning.

(for what is learning but earning
more space between heart and mind
so they swell with love and meaning
that one may not be so blind.

for what is leaving but coming
from any-where to there-somewhere
linear distance notwithstanding
but instance that matters ever.)

-between heart and mind is learning.

(c) 1987 Chito L. Aguilar

* Cranfield School of Management in Cranfield University, England, is a top international business school whose reputation is founded on its ability to create, integrate and disseminate new management thinking.


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